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Multimedia, CD-ROM & Presentation Tracking Scripts (PERL or ASP)

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The APTLauncher lets you automatically launch your presentations (Flash, PowerPoint, Acrobat, executable programs...) and integrates a tracking system based on our APT Xtra. Without having to be a "programmer". We provide the APTLauncher program and your tracking scripts are ready to upload to your server. 30 Day Free Trial! PHP/MySQl Version available as well.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD Date: Apr, 22 2005
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CyberTrakker - 2 Tier Affiliate Management & Shopping Cart Tool.

Rating 3.0 3.0
CyberTrakker gives you total control of your affiliate and marketing tracking systems by putting the whole system in your hands. Includes royalty-free source code site license. Referal forms, lost password, statistic reporting, mass pay, paypal integration and more! Take a FREE TEST DRIVE!
Platform(s): n/a Date: May, 27 2003
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