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Rating 5.0 5.0
Upgraded!! MyNewzLetter is a powerful html newsletter application that can be set up to run on your server in just a few minutes. Its easy to use wysiwyg editor will help you set up professional looking html newsletters in a short period of time with less knowledge than it takes to use a word processor. You can save an unlimited number of email templates for future campaigns. New features include, return receipts, email priority and sending archived messages to new sign-ups. Take a look at our online demo.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris Date: Dec, 05 2006
Hits: 2059


Rating 5.0 5.0
Ampache is a Web-based Audio file manager. It is implemented with MySQL, and PHP. It allows you to view, edit, and play your audio files via the web. It has support for playlists, artist and album views, album art, random play, playback via Http/On the Fly Transcoding and Downsampling, Vote based playback, Mpd and Icecast, Integrated Flash Player, as well as per user themes and song play tracking. You can also Link multiple Ampache servers togeather using XML-RPC. Ampache supports GETTEXT translations and has a full translation of many languages
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris Date: Nov, 13 2006
Hits: 2070

ASSP Spam Filter Gateway

Rating 4.5 4.5
The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project is an open source platform-independent SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists and Bayesian filtering to rid the planet of the blight of unsolicited email (UCE). UCE must be stopped at the SMTP server. Anti-spam tools must be adaptive to new spam and customized for each site's mail patterns. This free, easy-to-use tool works with any mail transport and achieves these goals requiring no operator intervention after the initial setup phase.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD Date: Oct, 05 2006
Hits: 2373

Flash MX | PHP User Authentication

Rating 4.0 4.0
A sophisticated, but simple to use Flash MX/PHP/MySQL user authentication system that allows you to protect your flash pages. It utilizes PHP/MySQL for quick interaction. All necessary files included as well as detailed instructions on how to set everything up. Files include source fla and table.sql file for easy database configuration.
Platform(s): Linux Date: Jul, 02 2006
Hits: 2600

SMS Mobile-Sender.Send Ringtones, Games, Free Text Message Sender, Logos

Rating 3.5 3.5
Mobile-Sender.com Suite allows the webmaster to add SMS, Wireless websites, Send ringtones, operator logos, games, applications to wireless devices. Sell Wireless Websites (WAP) SMS bulk sender! Add SMS to client sites, SMS has built in phone book. Text Message Sender Scheduled message sends. Send Free Text Messages. MANY more features!!
Platform(s): Linux, Windows Date: Apr, 29 2006
Hits: 1995

EasycarLots Online

Rating 1.0 1.0
EasyCarLots 1.0 is a powerful Web-Based application that makes it easy for you to have and maintain your own online car lot. When a vehicle is clicked from your car lot, the customer will see the details of the vehicle along with 4 photos. All photos are enlarged when clicked. Simply click Add a Car, fill out the form and your car will be added to your website. It's that easy. Adding a photo uses the same concept with a form. You simply click Browse and select the photo(s) you would like to add from your computer for the specific car. Your car lot will show 20 cars per page with an unlimited amount of vehicle storage. All entries are fully editable and easily deleted when you want to delete the car. You will have your own Username and Password to enter the control panel of your car lot. Current rates for our license: 1 year license $99.00 2 year license $149.95 Unlimited license $495.00 This program will be hosted from our servers only.
Platform(s): Linux Date: Mar, 28 2006
Hits: 3057

IRSIM - Invisionix Roaming System Instant Messenger

Rating 0.0 0.0
Invisionix Systems' portable Instant Messenger (IRSIM) utilizes PHP and MySQL. This Open Source program interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber IMs. It features database message buffers, login, local registration a contact list, and message input/output window(s).
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris Date: Mar, 09 2006
Hits: 3311


Rating 0.0 0.0
MaxFAQ is a PHP & MySQL powered FAQ system, that can be controlled with a built in admin-center. The system was created for use by Maximum-Tech, but now it is availiable to the public. Though only tested in RH 8 and 9 it should work in any PHP and Mysql compaitable OS. Development of this project has receded. If you are interested in taking over development contact the current developer.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Feb, 01 2006
Hits: 1476

KillBot Professional

Rating 5.0 5.0
The NotOneBit KillBot Professional application is intended to eliminate various types of web based robots from repeatedly filling out forms by requiring the user to enter some simple data (called a Turing or Captcha test). Many times you may have a form (feedback, poll, guestbook, etc.) on your web site and a malicious user targets a script to automatically fill out your form until it either cripples your server, skews statistics, or floods your inbox. By requiring the visitor to read the text in an image (over 900,000,000 possible text combinations alone) and enter that with the other data in your form, you can prevent automated scripts from repeatedly filling out your form. KillBot Professional builds upon the strengths of the NotOneBit KillBot script to create a truly dynamic form of authentication.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD Date: Feb, 01 2006
Hits: 2635

Virtual Host Creator

Rating 5.0 5.0
Host multiple websites on the same server without the need of Virtual Hosting. This is recommended for those who cannot use Virtual Hosting, but want multiple websites from multiple domains. Perl and Python versions are also available.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris Date: Jan, 05 2006
Amount: 183
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