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Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites

Rating 0.0 0.0
A complete guide to every aspect of creating a variety of different websites using Drupal. A trove of well-considered and practical information is presented in a logical and intuitive manner so that you can either build up your site step by step by reading from cover to cover or, alternatively, focus on your specific needs by diving into each chapter as required. This book will suit anyone who has a need to create a content rich website. Whether you are: -Adding a personal web page -Building a forum -Writing a collaborative book -Retailing goods -Creating a blog -Launching a community Website This book will prove to be an indispensable companion. Both experts and beginners to computing alike will find the information contained herein to be accessible and easy to intuit.
Platform(s): Linux Date: Aug, 03 2006
Hits: 1597

Smarty PHP Template Programming and Applications

Rating 2.5 2.5
It will help you to: -Install and configure Smarty on your Web server, -Understand how Smarty affects your web site architecture, and build site foundations that make the most of what Smarty offers, -Designers will learn to work with templates that contain variables and logic, to modify layouts or content of Smarty web sites, -See how Smarty caching can improve the performance of your sites, -Develop custom Smarty functions and plug-ins to incorporate into your templates, This book is written for PHP developers who want to use Smarty templates in their development, and for designers who are working with PHP developers who are using Smarty.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Aug, 11 2006
Hits: 1370

Moodle E-Learning Course Development

Rating 2.0 2.0
A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle, focused on course development and delivery and using the best educational practices. Moodle is relatively easy to install and use, but the real challenge is to develop a learning process that leverages its power and maps effectively onto the content established learning situation. This book guides you through meeting that challenge. Once you read this book, you will: -Understand what Moodle can do, how it compares to other e-learning packages, and how it can support your teaching strategies -Install the Moodle software on your own computer or a server, and understand your way around it -Know how to create different kinds of courses. Understand all of Moodle's learning feature. -Manage students Beginners to the software will get a thorough guide to how the software works. Experienced Moodlers will find powerful insights into developing more successful and educational courses.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Aug, 17 2006
Hits: 1364

PHP Black Book

Rating 4.0 4.0
The PHP Black Book is a complete and indispensable reference to the PHP open source scripting language version 4. Embedded in HTML documents, PHP scripts create active server pages. This cross-platform book covers the language syntax, standard library, and integration with various databases including open source databases such as PostreSQL and MySQL. Explores issues such as internationalization, XML integration, and LDAP.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Feb, 19 2006
Hits: 1313

Invision Power Board 2 : A user guide

Rating 0.0 0.0
This book is your guide to configuring, managing and maintaining a copy of Invision Power Board 2 on your own website to power an online discussion forum. Written for people who want to get their forums up and running as quickly as possible, this book will show you how to execute the full power of Invision Power Board. What you will learn from this book? -How to Install and configure IPB -Learn the basics of working with IPB forums -Find your way round the Administration Control Panel -Create and manage forums and permissions -Maintain users and user groups -Get to grips with IPB skins to customize your site -Discover under-explored features such as the IPB post office, subscriptions, and filters -Learn from other administrators the secrets of making a successful forum
Platform(s): Linux Date: Jun, 11 2006
Hits: 1289

ImageMagick Tricks

Rating 5.0 5.0
This fast paced and practical tutorial is packed with examples of photo manipulations, logo creation, animations, and complete web projects. With this book up your sleeve, you'll be creating spellbinding images from code in no time. Using this book, you can: -Install the ImageMagick software on your own computer or a server -Create exciting text effects and produce eye catching logos and headings -Create impressive image manipulations and animations on-the-fly from the command line or within your programs -Complete PHP-based sample applications show how to use ImageMagick to add pizzazz your web site -Slice, dice, and filter your images turn simple photos into mind-bending designs and illusions -Write web applications such as an advanced e-card generator, and even create your own Packt book cover! -Generate ImageMagick scripts in MSL using the conjure utility -Create thumbnails by converting file types, resizing, and cropping to consistent size, aspect ratio.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Aug, 25 2006
Hits: 1187

WordPress Complete

Rating 0.0 0.0
WordPress is an open-source blog engine released under the GNU general public license.“WordPress Complete” is a beginner's guide to WordPress, for people who are new to blogging and want to create their own blogs in a simple and straightforward manner. It has clear practical coverage of all aspects of WordPress. If you want to create powerful, fully-featured blogs in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore WordPress showing you what it offers and how to go about building your blog with the system.You will be introduced to the main aspects of a blog – users, communities, posts, comments, news feeds – and learn how to manage them using WordPress. In working through the book you'll be inspired as well as informed, and have the capability and the ideas to make your blog cutting edge and exciting to maximize its impact.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Dec, 13 2006
Hits: 1003

Building Online Communities with phpBB

Rating 0.0 0.0
This book gives you the power to use phpBB to set up and run your own online discussion forums with ease, and develop your own Internet community. It takes you through the whole process of setting up your phpBB site, and helps you create, customize and manage your own online community with phpBB. Written by experienced phpBB administrators and enthusiasts, the emphasis is on simple, and practical guidance for you to get the most from phpBB. phpBB is a free, open source Internet community application, with outstanding discussion forums and membership management. Written in the PHP scripting language, and making use of the popular MySQL database, phpBB is a standard among web hosting companies throughout the world, and is one of the most widely-used bulletin board packages in the world. phpBB short-circuits the need for you to be a web development master in order to create and manage massive online communities. phpBB handles sites of all sizes, the largest known phpBB-powered site on the Internet handles over 1.5 million members and has 191 million posts to the forums! The book begins with the initial installation and configuration of phpBB on your system, with troubleshooting tips to help you through. You will then go on a tour of phpBB and its features, stepping you through the basic tasks, growing your understanding and familiarizing you with the power of phpBB. Everybody wants their community to look special, and customizing your forum is the next stop in the book. Beginning with a detailed rundown of styles and themes, you will then see how to customize your forum by first modifying existing styles, adding new elements, and even creating a new style from scratch. The book then goes onto cover further administration of your community, creating hacks or "modifications" for phpBB, custom PHP programming with phpBB, and reference appendices with more phpBB resources, the phpBB file and directory structure, guides to the BBCode and permission systems, and the phpBB database structure round off this book.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Mar, 11 2005
Hits: 966

Building Online Stores with osCommerce: Professional Edition

Rating 0.0 0.0
The title helps the readers understand how they can earn their share of money from the growing field of e-commerce, by offering an indepth information on how to use, build and maintain a good e-commerce web site.The book contains a detailed information on: -Customizing the osCommerce code to make the site more robust, eliminate bugs, and increase flexibility, -Underastanding and developing the security and backup strategies, -Building your business by utilizing various advertising techniques, search engine optimization, affiliate and drop-shipping schemes, -The principles and methods used by professional programmers to empower you to continue creating and building your online business -Incorporating the RSS feed, -Hosting the banners on the web site, -Offering customer discounts and supporting the use of gift certificates, -Increasing your sales. More details about the title are available at: http://www.packtpub.com/professional_oscommerce/book
Platform(s): n/a Date: Apr, 15 2006
Hits: 933

The PEAR Installer Manifesto

Rating 0.0 0.0
“The PEAR Installer Manifesto” will show you a new way of organizing your PHP development, by leveraging the full power of the PEAR Installer. PEAR Installer is the preferred PHP software for installing PHP components. You will also learn how to use the power of PEAR to manage your web projects with the PEAR installer to bring the power of versioning and rollbacks to your live website. The synergy of the PEAR Installer and a revision control system like CVS or Subversion is also explored in depth. Finally, you will learn how to embed the PEAR Installer inside your own web application in order to manage plug-ins from a remote server. “The PEAR Installer Manifesto” covers in detail designing a custom plug-in system for a fictitious blog application. The plug-in system is used to manage templates, and the PEAR Installer is used to manage the details of querying the remote server for templates, handling dependencies between versioning, and doing the actual installation process as well.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Nov, 09 2006
Amount: 58
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