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WebsiteGear Free Web Polls

Rating 5.0 5.0
Free Web polls are fully customizable with your own logo, color & font choices, layouts, expiry dates, automated poll rotation and more. Compact polls allow poll results to be integrated into your website page, so that the user does not know that the poll is remotely hosted. Other options include popup poll windows where the poll loads on a popup window leaving more space for your website pages.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Oct, 29 2003
Hits: 567

FlyLip Interactive Suite

Rating 0.0 0.0
Hosted Message Board, Survey, Guestbook and Poll. Simple site integration, fast, easy cut & paste setup, works will all browsers and server.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Oct, 27 2003
Hits: 187

Free Web Polls - Image and Text : Rating and Polling

Rating 3.0 3.0
We offer easy to integrate polls for your WebSites and Emails. The focus in our approach is to create Simple and Easy to integrate polls without need for programming or special hosting environments. All you need is the ability to insert simple HTML code into your web pages and emails. If you want to customise the report pages, our web interface allows you to upload your logo and specify your site looks and provide the visitor a "look alike" page that gives him a feeling of continuity.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Sep, 10 2003
Hits: 222

Papaya Polls

Rating 0.0 0.0
Payapa Polls' provides low cost, high value, no installation required, hosted survey services. Our survey system allows users to design surveys, deploy surveys, invite respondents, and analyze survey responses. There is a free, no hassles, trial which allows for 100 survey responses. Survey packages start at $15 USD per month.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jul, 02 2003
Hits: 333

Dream Tools Voting Polls

Rating 3.5 3.5
Interact with your visitors by offering a voting poll. Easily add a free poll to any website in minutes. Create multiple polls with adjustable colors for text, tables, and background to fully replicate your web site style. Other features include javascript popups, preventing multiple votes, sorting results, unliminted votes per poll, and options to hide or display things such as totals and final results.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Feb, 25 2003
Hits: 232

Website Toolbox - Polls

Rating 0.0 0.0
Add an interactive poll to your website for the price of a cup of coffee! Our polls are completely customizable and banner-free. No programming knowledge is needed. Other tools we provide include: message boards, guestbooks, and website statistics. A one week trial is now available.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jan, 15 2003
Hits: 534


Rating 4.0 4.0
A free tool that allows customers to rate your products, website, or services while providing feedback. People are buying or not buying because they have a certain perception about your products. Find out why they're not buying and re-position your product offering. Create online reports. Display or hide the results. Easy 60 second installation. An independent service that will give more credibility to your website.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jan, 06 2003
Hits: 545

PHPElement Survey

Rating 0.0 0.0
Allow your visitors to give you feedback, such as a rating of your site, or anything else you can think of.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Dec, 23 2002
Hits: 532

Free Web Polls

Rating 2.5 2.5
Instantly set up your own web poll. No annoying ads. Simple to use.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Aug, 28 2002
Hits: 264

ExpressWebTools Voting Poll

Rating 0.0 0.0
ExpressWebTools.com provides customisable voting polls. You can create an account and login to manage your polls.
Platform(s): n/a Date: May, 15 2002
Amount: 65
Displaying: 31 - 40
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