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User Authentication

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Captchator - Captcha Generator

Rating 4.5 4.5
Captchator is a free Captcha service that you can use to protect your Blog, Wiki or Forum against Spam. It works with any web programming language/framework (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl), doesn't require any extensions or libraries, and can be implemented with just a few lines of code.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Oct, 19 2006
Hits: 1265

Shoutcast Stream Protection

Rating 3.0 3.0
Easy Way to Protect Your Shoutcast Radio Streams, Manual and User self-registration over SMS and Control Panel. You can easily make money Running your own shoutcast server. Delete registered users automatically after x days.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Nov, 26 2005
Hits: 398

Online Membership Manager Software

Rating 0.0 0.0
Membership Manager Software is a simple to use, cost effective way for associations, clubs, businesses and individuals to manage a database of members, subscribers, customers or suppliers online.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Oct, 23 2002
Hits: 537


Rating 0.0 0.0
Authpro is a password protection service that allows you to control access to your pages. You have many options for you to configure your account. You can have multiple users, users can register on your site and you can collect their information by designing your own registration form.
Platform(s): n/a Date: May, 22 2001
Hits: 411

4AF Protected Pages

Rating 0.0 0.0
Would you like to make sure not every nosey surfer gets to see all the goodies? Now you can protect your entire site or just a few pages. Easy to use, fully customizable page layout, multiple number of logins and passwords.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jan, 15 2000
Hits: 413

HostedScripts Password Protection

Rating 0.0 0.0
Every wanted to have a page that is password protected? Now you can. Features include: Add Unlimited Users, You can customize the HTML for the page that is displayed, The page is protected via .htaccess protection, meaning that only authorized users can access it, and Easy User Administration.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Nov, 22 1999
Hits: 1229

CGI For Me: Password Protection

Rating 0.0 0.0
With Password Protection you can allow people to "log in" to your site, and even redirect different users to different pages.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jul, 29 1999
Hits: 555

Free CGI Resources: Password Protection

Rating 4.0 4.0
This program allows you to protect your site or homepage with password, automatically register new users, recieve e-mail with information filled by new users and register them by yourself, design your own registration page with any fields combination, have new users recieve welcome message from you after registration (only for deluxe accounts), add, delete, modify your users (up to 10 for one account), and assign every user their own URL's both for successful and not successful authorization.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jul, 17 1999
Amount: 8
Displaying: 1 - 8
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