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Polls and Voting

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Free Poll Maker

Rating 3.5 3.5
Create poll in easy and fast way ! No registration required. You can put it on your site or just link it. Colors customisition avable.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Jan, 02 2007
Hits: 506

SurvSoft Survey Solution

Rating 4.0 4.0
SurvSoft's Survey Management Software enables you to achieve research based goals in a proven time and cost-effective manner with no technical knowledge needed. Create beautiful and effective web based surveys with SurvSoft’s intuitive and powerful survey management system.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Nov, 08 2006
Hits: 749


Rating 3.0 3.0
Wondering what's on your visitor's minds? Have you recently added a new feature to your site and you'd like to know what your visitors think about it? Get a free, easy-to-implement custom poll for your Web site. Just sign up and follow the step-by-step guide and then paste a snippet of HTML code to your page and you're good to go. Unlimited Polls and Votes , up to 20 answers, 12 colors themes, comments system for polls etc. No CGI-BIN directory required. No HTML knowledge required. New vote spam protection system. Comments spam protection added.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows Date: Oct, 17 2006
Hits: 1057

Five Star Rating System

Rating 3.5 3.5
Karachiwalay.com Presents Free Five Star Rating System for your website, it generates static html code to be paste into your website, it has four beutiful templates to choose from using our service no ads will be shown on your website.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Oct, 07 2006
Hits: 672

Free Poll Hoster

Rating 4.5 4.5
Benefits: No Advertisements. No ads will be shown on your polls. No Programming. Easily create your own poll get the HTML code and paste it into your webpage! No software installation required. Fully Customizable. You choose every color and setting used in your polls using member panel. Open the results in a popup.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Oct, 05 2006
Hits: 1180

Webtools4u.net - Free Polls

Rating 3.0 3.0
At Webtools4u.net you can create polls for your website very easily. It is fast and free! You can use is everywhere where you're allowed to use html (profiles) Features: - No ads or pop-ups - 100% free - Unlimited polls per account - Unlimited votes per poll - Realtime statistice - Control panel - Up to 20 questions per poll - Radio buttons or drop-down menu - No PHP / MySQL required - No HTML knowledge required - 100 possible color combinations - Customizable - Anti vote-spam
Platform(s): Windows Date: Sep, 11 2006
Hits: 629


Rating 1.0 1.0
GurooPolls is a great place to register your free poll, including a header/footer feature, and the option to change your poll to any colours you want. GurooPolls also offers free 24/7 support, our dedicated staff team is always there to help you, so why not give us a try, everyone else is.
Platform(s): Windows Date: Sep, 01 2006
Hits: 1248

Free Remotely Hosted Polls

Rating 4.0 4.0
Create a Poll in just 3 Easy Steps with Ilovepolls.com. No Registration required, No Forced Ads, Change the Colors and Design to suit your website, Show the Poll directly on your website or link to the poll hosted on ilovepolls.com
Platform(s): n/a Date: Aug, 22 2006
Hits: 958


Rating 0.0 0.0
Totally Free Polls for your site! No registration required! Fast and simple!! Change all colors with live preview, spam protection, up to 20 answers! Post your poll anywhere that supports HTML! Make your poll right now in less than 2 minutes!!
Platform(s): Linux Date: Jul, 24 2006
Hits: 960


Rating 2.0 2.0
QPOLLZ.COM is an easy way to add customized, interactive polls to your web site. They are fast, easy, and FREE! Get instant feed back from your site's visitors! Features Overview : No registration required , Setup in one minute , 12 Styles , Up to 10 answers , Fast server response time , Vote spam protection , No progamming knowledge required , No HTML knowledge required.
Platform(s): n/a Date: Jun, 25 2006
Amount: 65
Displaying: 1 - 10
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